Evassential provides a range of personalised end-to-end educational support services to clients around the globe. Our team of dedicated professionals ensure our clients expectations are always met!

We provide more than just educational support and concierge services for family offices within the UK. Our mission is to enhance our members day to day lives and help their educational dreams become a reality.

Evassential works with consultants expertises in their fields and my personalised collabration tailored to your specific needs and ensure that you fulfil all of your educational requirements. We are indepedant educational support servcie for the private families/investors who new to the UK living and studying. 

Evassential - a boutique educational support managment servcie to those in search of speed soultuion, stability and UK private edcuation guidance.


Evassential play a key role to represent, report and coordinate with your children’s UK private schooling needs, finding the suitable UK elite private school in the most desirable location, this including full assessment, written report, school applications, tuition and interview preparation.

Evassential is your trust family 'PA' for on-going support in your family children education journey, to provide you most up to date independent insights of the current UK private schools trends,  news and highter education guidance, inlcuidng university application, leaving options and career mentoring. 


When relocating to the UK, there are lots of factors to consider – get it right from start not only provides you with vital skills and tools, but also provides you with endless opportunities. Don't just look for what other's fighting for but with our indepedent view and give your second opition, we are here to provide you honest, to guide you, accomppnay you to find the perfect school that suit your child's learning ability.  

Here at Evassential, we help you to discover educational opportunities within the UK. Additionally, we offer extra services and opportunities including mentoring, school visits, concierge service, summer camp schools, and beyond.


British customs and traditions are important, one of the best examples of the British etiquette is the importance placed on punctuality. Be British citizen, with international study, work and living experience, we have the tools to help you integrate in to this beautiful British culture with no time time. 

Our unique cultural programmes ensure a smooth and easy transition to UK life for your family, Evassential's aim is to give your family member a step-up in understanding British culture and help them become more successful and confident living and studying in the UK. This includes developing important communication skills, living adjustments, the ability to deal with real-life situations while studying and living in the UK.


Evassential is more than just an educaion PA, our dedicated concierge service can respond quickly to a range of request as necessary. This ensures a proactive approach in providing solutions that are personal, effecient, appropriate and confidential to our private clients. With great connection and field expertise, our scope encompasses a wariety of personal and busienss servcie search as: taxation, connecting you to the best UK/China family lawyer in town, accountant who understand international family's challenges they are facing and for other legal matters, finding the right tutors to creating and coordinating complex travel agendas, sourcing servcied accommodation and making bookings. We arrange appropirate transport and booking for entertainment or buisenss and arrange translation for meeing in the UK, all of which are customised to meet our client's specifications.  

EVASSENTIAL - Professional Help for Great Familes!