Seeking Growth Through Challenges

Oct 25, 2023

What is the new normal? Over the past month, we have noticed a decline in the number of new buyers and offers. Are we heading for more turbulence in the coming month, while the world’s events seem out of control?

The New Normal in Luxury Real Estate

Over the past month, we’ve noticed changes in the luxury real estate market. As the world faces uncertainty, we’re here to keep you updated.

Running a business is rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. We’re dedicated to following our dreams in the luxury sector of London property and art appreciation. However, juggling commitments and self-doubt can be a constant struggle.

I recently attended a well-being Zoom meeting hosted by Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, who based in Brooklyn New York, and he works with some of the world’s wealthiest celebrities. This reminds me the recent Netflix documentary about David and Victoria Beckham’s story and the ‘Elocution lessons. By fostering the right attitude and mindset in leaders, Dr. Paul believes we can make the world a better place. It has given me clarity and what most important to us is what we have got now: Time – the present.

Staying Informed

Staying updated is crucial, and I’ve found valuable resources for real estate news. We receive insights from top London agents, developers, and experts. I source my up-to-date luxury home information from the most desirable locations in London and consider how to make this information my local insights when advising buyers.

I’m grateful to have connections with prominent London agents and developers, such as TheResidenceRoundup, Knight Frank’s The Intelligence Lab research, and FT Property. I also follow various free news feeds, like those from buyer’s agent experts on Twitter. I get number, transition of the London property sales news from Londres. If you’re working independently, it’s essential to maintain close contact with both sides of your network and subscribe to quality readings like PrimResi, which provides the most updated news in prime London locations focusing on luxury property. You can also choose five property news articles a day from Bloomberg and FT Property, which provide insights into key players in the luxury London property sector.

Who I met this week? Via a Chinese PR company breakfast talk, we have better understanding UHNWIs group of social media influencers as well as their buying behaviours, and it is great conversation with Beatrice, Head of insight Retail wine maker. I also met James and Simon at an FSB network event in British Library, and it was a breath of fresh air. Sharing experiences over coffee at the British Library and tapping into their legal support services has been encouraging.

I also had the opportunity to be invited by Chris from one of the active London prime property marketing digital agency companies to meet their open house run by Middle east developers from Abu Dhabi for their project the Gardenia Bay launch event at the Intercontinental Park Land Hotel London. It was interesting to learn different regions project USP.

Relationships Over Transactions

The luxury property transition is evolving, and we’re reevaluating our business model with guidance from mentor, as important as your personal trainer. Work-life balance is essential. Building strong client relationships is at the core of our business. I offer second opinions to foreign investors, ensuring they make informed decisions in the London luxury property market.

Exploring the World of Art and Real Estate

I recently explored art galleries in Mayfair, if you like to have a glimpse of that, you are welcome to check my Twitter account @evassential. This includes ‘Phosphene’ by American contemporary painter at Ben Brown Fine Arts, the Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare for her beautiful textile artwork and the British Kent based artist Ian Devenport’s largest ever wall to floor installations on aluminium panels, it is still on at Waddington Custot Mayfair till 11th November 2023!

Luxury property sales for agents remain challenging, but we see growth opportunities in adversity. Luxury property and art, London welcomes you.


Here I wish you a spooktacular Halloween!