Shanghai International Property Show Unveils Evassential’s Dynamic Future!

Dec 14, 2023

Just touched down in London after a whirlwind trip to Shanghai for the International Luxury Properties Exhibition. Thrilled to have assisted an exhibitor in launching their project in China, including delivering their skiing holiday investment project presentation in Mandarin Chinese. It was an incredible opportunity to forge new connections and reconnect with my Shanghai friends and contacts.

Exhibition Insights:

Had an eye-opening experience at the exhibition. While the turnout was impressive, it seemed the majority weren’t HNWIs investors. The local PR company’s outreach strategy brought in a diverse crowd, from those exploring overseas study to social media enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it was a chance to engage with various perspectives and interests. Everyone is VIP!

Dubai Dominance:

This year’s focus on Dubai was unmistakable, with a significant presence from UAE countries. Could the influence of the hosting company’s board members have played a role in this? A fascinating observation.

Gala Dinner Networking:

Highlight of this trip was being in China to hear, to see and to eat. Networking at the grand opening reception and gala dinner. An excellent opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse fields and international property developers. I also met the SH private jet operator and it seems the outlook is good. Evassential concierge service from London can ease the stress you might experience while you relocate a family home to London. Special shoutout to Sally for the introduction – a dinner event with a local elite education company proved to be a success in targeting real investors. I made a great connection with developer as well as a few parents who look for London new homes next year.

Future Ventures:Exciting times ahead! Planning a luxury tour for the Chinese after connecting with a developer with a perfect match for their 2024 launch. Also looking forward to exploring opportunities with this 1 Hotel Group and their sustainable concepts within the beautiful 200+ villas development. If

you’re interested in residential homes with golden visa package, join me next year for more updates and roadshows. Being an independent agent has its challenges, but I really enjoyed meeting real people in action. Building trusting client relationships takes time, and I’m optimistic about the year ahead.

As I shift into holiday mode now, a few more Christmas parties on the way, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Grateful for the experiences of the past year and excited for the adventures that 2024, the year of the Dragon, will bring. If you’re curious about what Evassential has to offer beyond luxury property solutions, stay tuned for more in the new year.